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Andres Gimeno, tournament director of the Swiss Adidas Junior Masters Series, believes the weekly events held at the Aviation Club are pushing forward the level of tennis in the UAE.

Gimeno, whose father is a former French Open champion, says the number of competitors are at an all-time high at the long-running series and as the competition level increases, the players are gaining more and more experience.

Over 100 youngsters took to the courts in last weekend’s CF Tennis tournaments in the 14 and Under and the 10 and Under Green Series events.

“I have to say that we have 30 or 40 per cent more players participating than in the past years, and that’s just spectacular growth,” Gimeno told Sport360°.

“We’re using all the courts, the draws are very big, and I really don’t remember any year with so many players playing. We are very happy with that. Besides that, the tournaments are running very well and the level of the participants has really risen.

“To have good players coming every week gives experience to other players and pushes them to increase their level.

“And because the general level has gone up, there’s more people watching as well, lots of clapping. The people are really enjoying the matches and you can see now that the players’ friends are coming over to watch because the matches are good.”

The 14 and Under action saw Miro Manuel edging past J Anurag Reddy 6/5, 7/4 via a tie break of what was one of the tightest battles of the day.

In the girls’ draw, Bea Acena delivered a surprise by beating favourite Angel McLeod 6/4 to win her first 14 and Under title.

In the Green Series, CF Tennis’ Hercules Gerousis once again took home the trophy, 4/1 over Garv Bahl, as the young Greek continues to dominate week after week. Romania’s Stefania Bojica won the girls’ event 7/5 over the No1 seed Coumba Ben.

“For us, we’re enjoying to see our players play so well after all those hours of training. They’re doing a great job,” said Gimeno.

“It’s tough to pinpoint a single player but from our side, Hercules has been winning all the tournaments and that’s amazing. In the girls’ side, Stefania, the young girl from Romania, she’s barely eight years old and she won the 10 and Under tournament.

“Bea as well, for her to beat Angel and win like that. These players are only starting to play and they’re already winning. That’s impressive.”

The series resumes next weekend with three tournaments, the 12 and Under, Red Series 8 and Under and the Open Junior event.

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