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Ross Brawn will return to Formula One in the future after he has had a break from the sport, according to Niki Lauda.

Lauda, who is a three time world champion and non-executive director of Mercedes, admitted that he was unable to convince the Mercedes team principal to stay.

"I'm very sad about it because I wanted him to stay another year," said Lauda.

Brawn is one of the most successful figures in Formula One, guiding Ferrari to six consecutive constructor’s championships from 1999 to 2004 as technical director.

The 59 year old announced last week that he would end his four year stint with Mercedes, paving the way for executive directors Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe to replace him.

Lauda claimed that there was no stopping Brawn as the team principal wanted a break from Formula One, but he will still be a consultant to the team.

"He says he wants to go fishing. So I really tried hard but he stays a consultant to me which I think is very good and important,” said the Austrian.

"He says he wants a rest. So it's very simple.

"I think he will come back, I don't know with the [governing] FIA or whatever he likes to do," added Lauda.

Brawn’s departure from Mercedes is seen by many as a big blow for Mercedes, a fact Lauda is not shying away from.

"Now Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe, and Paddy especially on the technical side, has to fill this big hole he [Brawn] has left," said the triple world champion.

"Don't worry, I am going to kick them like you do not believe and hopefully we can keep on going," he jokingly added.

Mercedes finished second overall in 2013, three places higher than they managed last year. The team also engineered race wins for both Nico Rosberg and 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

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