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Yas Waterworld’s “Ladies Night” is getting a great reception from the many female customers it is receiving at the venue every Thursday night.

Due to popular demand, the gigantic water park made a decision in April to host only the fairer sex on Thursday nights, and such has been the excitement and support around the initiative, the ladies want even more time for themselves now!

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s first mega water park, set on Yas Island. The park offers over 40 unique rides, slides and attractions, such as the world’s longest, fastest tornado waterslide, the region’s first looping waterslide and the world’s first interactive water and laser rollercoaster.

“We are thrilled to offer a truly tailored “Ladies Night” event that combines the best the park has to offer with the privacy and comfort expected by our guests,” said Mike Oswald, General Manager of Yas Waterworld.

Since the exclusive night was officially opened on April 18, it has attracted more than 16,000 female guests. And as the heat and humidity of the summer burdens UAE residents, officials feel that more and more women would like to cool down in different ways and it would be prudent to give them an opportunity to enjoy and relax in their park without having any unnecessary worries or inhibitions.

Rashad Al Ghadban, the PR Manager at the park, says that it attracts in excess of 2,000 guests on average per night.

“It has exceeded all of our expectations,” he said. “Sometimes we have more than two thousand, sometimes we have less, but we believe it has been a great success to date.”

It’s open from 5-10pm every Thursday night, but some ladies are looking to extend the timing until midnight, or even begin a little earlier. It’s difficult to get a balance and facilitate everyone.

“Some ladies have come up to me and asked for a full ladies day,” he continued. “It’s proving to be just as popular as the week days. We will continue this for as long as we can. We haven’t decided on what we will do during Ramadan yet, however.”

So how does it all work, and can very young children attend? How much privacy can people get when there are 2,000 other people there. Boys below the age of eight years are allowed in the park when accompanied by an adult.

Special screenings and awnings are erected to maximise guest privacy. All staff, including security, are female, while restricted access to park security cameras have been introduced on these evenings, and are managed and operated solely by female staff. Photography is also forbidden.

With that peace of mind, tickets can be bought online and you should bring your printed copy with you when you arrive – this will give you immediate access to the park.

Annual pass holders can directly enter the park. General admission is Dh200 for adults and Dh160 for children, while toddlers (under the age of three) get in for free. Tickets include admission to the waterpark and unlimited use of more than 40 rides, slides and attractions.

So, if you feel you want to release a little energy on a Thursday night – and the blistering heat and smothering humidity is getting on your nerves – then this might be the answer to your problem.

WHAT: Ladies Night at Yas Waterworld
WHEN: Every Thursday night, 5 – 10pm
WHERE: Yas Waterworld


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