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VIDEO: Messi & Kobe in worldwide selfie shootout!

Dec 09, 2013 0 comments

Taking a ‘selfie’ has become a worldwide craze, with stars such as Justin Bieber and Rhianna all jumping on the bandwagon.

The selfie phonemon has become so big that the word is now in the Oxford English dictionary!

To prove its growing popularity, two of the greatest sports stars on the planet in Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant competed against each other in a selfie challenge for the latest Turkish Airlines commercial.

The advert is a follow on from the airline’s first instalment, which saw Messi and Bryant attempt to out do each other while on a plane.

This time around the football and basketball stars travel all over the globe via Turkish Arilines in a bid to take the best selfie.

From paragliding to the red carpet, the Barcelona striker and LA Lakers talisman stop at nothing to win the contest in this humorous commercial.


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