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VIDEO: Bolt follows in the footsteps of Jordan and LeBron

Feb 17, 2013 0 comments
Airborne: "Apparently the fastest man alive can fly too..." - NBA

A cricketer in his younger days, future Manchester United hopeful, and now basketball star? The planet’s fastest man and self-proclaimed most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen turns his attention from the track to the court.

It’s NBA All Star weekend and Usain Bolt – no stranger to the limelight – took centre stage for the Celebrity All Star game, where he teamed up with the East in the annual charity event.

The game ended in a crushing 58-38 victory to the West with Kevin Hart crowned MVP for the second consecutive year. But while Bolt – a six time Olympic gold medallist – is unaccustomed to losing, it seems his side, much like himself, took a more laid back approach to the clash. 

“We got beat bad, but their team was much more serious,” Bolt stated afterwards. 

Bolt certainly is a gifted athlete, demonstrated by his powerful two-handed slam (albeit with a six-step travel!) in the first half, but insisted basketball isn’t really his sport. It seems he still has one eye on the coveted number 7 jersey at Manchester United.

“I’m more of a better soccer player than a basketball player, so I definitely want to try soccer.”

The Jamaican sprinter certainly seemed to enjoy the weekend – and his dunk – uploading numerous pictures to his Instagram account.

Check out his dunk here:


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