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Rafael Nadal deemed Yannick Noah's recent accusations regarding Spanish athletes and doping “completely stupid” after his ATP World Tour Finals victory over Mardy Fish in London.

Former tennis player Noah made “magic potion” claims in his column for the daily French newspaper Le Monde alleging that all Spanish players are guilty of doping, and it’s the only explanation for the country’s recent dominance in sport.

“Today sport is a little like Asterix in the Olympic Games: if you don’t have the magic potion, it is difficult to win. And it seems, like Obelix, they were the lucky ones who fell in the pot. How can a nation dominate all sports overnight?” wrote the Frenchman.

Noah then continued by calling for the legalisation of doping. The 1983 French Open winner said: “Let’s stop the hypocrisy. The best attitude to adopt is to accept doping. Then everyone will have the magic potion.”

Nadal responded to Noah’s comments by describing the Frenchman as a “kid” who should not be allowed to be part of the media. “This guy deserves not to write anymore in newspapers. What he said is completely stupid and he doesn’t know anything better than anybody,” said the world No.2.

“Saying that today is a totally stupid thing because you know how many anti-doping controls we are having during all the season, year by year. So in my opinion the article that he wrote was from a kid. And when one kid says something, it’s not painful for us, so that’s what I feel.

“I especially think it’s worse for France, it’s worse for his country than for our country, because the image of the country when one important guy like him says that is terrible.”

Nadal’s uncle and coach, Toni, also slammed Noah for his accusation saying it “not only comes from envy, it comes from a lack of reflection. If he approaches Rafa to say hello, I hope my nephew tells him, in a courteous manner, what he thinks of him.”