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Handshake would suffice for racist abuse, says under-fire FIFA president Blatter
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FIFA President Sepp Blatter's comments on racism are "not really a surprise to me" says Diego Maradona.

Asked if racism existed in football, Blatter told CNN World Sport: "I would deny it. There is no racism, there is maybe one of the players towards another, he has a word or a gesture which is not the correct one, but also the one who is affected by that. He should say that this is a game. At the end of the game, we shake hands."

He also told Al Jazeera: "During a match you may say something to someone who's not looking exactly like you, but at end of match it's forgotten."

But Maradona feels Blatter's latest faux pas should not go unpunished.

"Blatter has made many mistakes before with his decisions or things that he has said and the mistakes he commits are not in favour of football," Wasl coach Maradona said.

"I don't know if he's made a statement, but it's not really a surprise to me. Racism is unacceptable in sport and Sepp Blatter and FIFA have to take action to stop this because the effects are really bad on the game and these things must be dealt with as soon as possible. If Blatter is at fault, why haven't they taken any action against him."

Maradona said racism affects the performance of players and is a black mark on football. He said during his playing days at Napoli, his Brazilian colleague Junior was constantly subjected to taunts from the crowd.

"Personally, it didn't happen to me, but during my time at Napoli there was a Brazilian player Junior who was a victim of racism because of the colour of his skin. It affected him badly and the other players as well and if any match should witness an act of racism, it should be stopped immediately," he added.