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The much-awaited World Test Championship will take another six years to see the light of the day, according to ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat.

“I am afraid that’s no longer going to happen in 2013,” Lorgat said in a brief chat with reporters at the Dubai Stadium yesterday.

The ICC were contemplating holding the championship, between the top four teams, in 2013 by replacing the Champions Trophy. “At the last board meeting we decided that the first opportunity that we can play the World Test Championship is 2017. So I am disappointed that it is not going to take place sooner,” Lorgat explained.

“It’s a reality of the commitments that we’ve got already through to 2015. We attempted to switch the Champions Trophy to become a Test Championship, but that’s not possible.”

On other matters, Lorgat has been impressed with Pakistan’s recent success.

He added: “Pakistan is a joy to watch. They make many people happy. So, when Pakistan performs it is good for international cricket because they are a talented side.

“At ICC we need all the teams to be competitive, we want every team to be performing at their best and at the highest level. So whether it’s Pakistan or the West Indies, all of them need to be performing and competing at the top level.”

The 51-year-old ICC boss is impressed by the efforts taken by the new Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf to put Pakistan cricket back on track.  “He’s keen to restore the reputation and image of Pakistan cricket.”

Detailing further, he said: “There’s also talk of possibly putting a team of sorts together so that they can tour Pakistan. We’ve got Mike Brearley and Greg Chappell, who I would call as ambassadors, to help ensure that Pakistan cricket plays international cricket and then, at best, on home soil.”

The resumption of India-Pakistan ties is also at the top of the agenda, he said: “It’s a seriously important fixture and something which no doubt Ashraf will also have uppermost in his mind and we will support whatever is possible to make that happen.”

On bringing India to the UAE, Lorgat said: “It’s up to India to work out whether they would want to come and play in Dubai or not.”