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Basketball: Fly Society overcome Unknown talent in AMW League
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Fly Society secured top seeding in the first round of play-offs of the AMW League after edging past Club Gold Regulators 49-46 in their final regular season game.

The game lived up to expectations as both teams delivered an intense, athletic, quality game. After quitting the team two weeks ago, Fly Society power forward Nick Caro apologised and returned to the squad, scoring a team-high 13 points plus five rebounds.

Filipino point guard Arnold Booker proved able support to Caro with seven points and four steals for a 28-21 half-time lead.

In the third quarter, Club Gold bounced back and delivered an unbelievable 19-6 run led by Michel Mboma’s game-high 19 points and Oliver Lamoureux’s eight points and four rebounds.

With their team-mates protecting the frontcourt well, Houston Foote and Mohammed Al Kunazi (seven points, four rebounds), and some strong backcourt defence, Fly Society went almost scoreless, bringing down their shooting success rate to 24 per cent.

As a result, Club Gold R took the lead 40-34 at the beginning of the final quarter. “We sometimes crumble in adversity and start fighting each other, but at the beginning of the fourth quarter we managed to keep our composure and stick together,” Fly Society’s top guard Aaron Leung said.

In the final two minutes of the game, shooting guard Leung, nicknamed ‘Burj Khalifa’ for hitting long distance three-pointers, did what he does best – scoring back-to-back threes to seal the game 49-46.

“It was the game of the century, a statement game for us,” said Fly Society captain Chad Chambers. “We have taken a huge step towards the title. I’m proud of my guys as we stayed together and stayed away from the referees. I’m just happy now. Offence wins a game, defence wins the championship.”


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